A Garden and Outdoor Patio Go Hand-in-handA Garden and Outdoor Patio Go Hand-in-hand

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A Garden and Outdoor Patio Go Hand-in-hand

I love to garden, and when my family moved into a new home, I was very excited at the thought of getting to plan a brand-new garden! We moved to a completely different climate, so there was a learning curve to finding out which flowers and plants would thrive in the new location. Thankfully, the project was a success, but I realized that our family didn't get to enjoy the beauty of our garden without an outdoor living space to lounge on in the backyard. We soon found a local contractor with amazing ideas on how we could turn out yard into a beautiful, outdoor oasis. I enjoyed helping him plan and watching him build our new backyard patio, and I actually learned a lot during the process. I am eager to share what I have learned with others on my new blog!

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Three Options To Help Organize Your Kitchen With New Cabinet Designs

If you are tired of all the clutter in your kitchen, you may want to consider new cabinet designs to help you get organized. There are a lot of things that can be done, such as installing hidden compartments and racks for your pots and pans. If you are ready to get the clutter in your kitchen under control, here are some tips to help you with your kitchen cabinet designs:

1. Building Hidden Compartments With Small Spaces

Hidden compartments can be added to many areas for your kitchen. They can be a great way to use dead space for things like spice racks and other small storage space in your kitchen. You can also use them for areas like the sink to store cleaning supplies and small items in hidden drawers. Instead of leaving these spaces empty, use every little nook and cranny you can for storage in your kitchen to keep the clutter organized and out of sight.

2. Using Racks On Doors For Adding Cabinet Storage

Another great feature to reduce clutter in your kitchen is to have racks installed on the inside of doors. Where your sink and dishwasher are located, you can have metal racks installed for things like sponges, rags and dish soap. This can also be done for cupboards where plates and glasses are to give you a place for small items that may not have their own space on shelves. You can have this done to any cabinets where you store your small kitchen items.

3. Organizing Your Pots And Pans With Racks To Keep Them In Their Place

The pots and pans in your kitchen may be the most difficult clutter to get rid of. Every time you take a pan out, you may have to fight to put them back in their place. You can have racks installed inside your kitchen cabinets to get rid of the rattling when you use your pots and pans. You may also want to have organizers installed for the tops, which will give you a place to keep this clutter out of the way. The racks can even have a drawer design that you can open and close like drawers in a jewelry box.

These are some things that can be done to get the clutter in your kitchen under control. If you are ready to start changing, contact a general contractor, such as ULF & Associates, LLC to get the help you need with new cabinets to organize your kitchen.