A Garden and Outdoor Patio Go Hand-in-handA Garden and Outdoor Patio Go Hand-in-hand

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A Garden and Outdoor Patio Go Hand-in-hand

I love to garden, and when my family moved into a new home, I was very excited at the thought of getting to plan a brand-new garden! We moved to a completely different climate, so there was a learning curve to finding out which flowers and plants would thrive in the new location. Thankfully, the project was a success, but I realized that our family didn't get to enjoy the beauty of our garden without an outdoor living space to lounge on in the backyard. We soon found a local contractor with amazing ideas on how we could turn out yard into a beautiful, outdoor oasis. I enjoyed helping him plan and watching him build our new backyard patio, and I actually learned a lot during the process. I am eager to share what I have learned with others on my new blog!

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What Is The Difference Between A Land Survey And A Land Appraisal?

Owning a piece of land is most definitely a good thing, but owning a piece of land can sometimes bring about certain things that you never knew you would have to deal with. Appraisal and surveying are two of the things you may have to have done as a landowner. Even though surveying and appraisal are often assumed to be something of the same by inexperienced landowners, these two services are actually nothing like each other. Whether you are planning to sell your land or you just want to know more about your property, both land surveying and land appraisal are important. Here is a look at the differences between the two. 

Land surveying focuses on property lines and appraisal on value. 

Land surveying involves determining the specific layout of the property and where the property lines lie, as well as marking up specific property components on the deed. An appraisal is a process of determining the value of a piece of property according to its condition, location, and several other factors. Therefore, even though the two services are sometimes lumped together, they both focus on two completely separate things. In some cases, land surveyors and property appraisers will collaborate together during special projects, and there may be times when you need the help of both types of professionals.

Land appraisal is not always required before selling but surveying is. 

When you plan to sell a piece of property, it is often a requirement that the land is surveyed to specify property borders before a new owner takes ownership. It is not always required, however, that you have a property appraised before selling it, even though doing so is a good idea. 

Land surveying can be a little more costly than getting an appraisal. 

Land surveying is a little more complicated than appraisal. When you hire a land surveyor, they will bring their tools and equipment to the property to measure the geography of the land, look for property markers, and define the borders according to the deed. This process can be pretty long and arduous for the surveyor; sometimes, the process can take several hours if not days to complete. On the other hand, property appraisal may not even involve the professional spending much time on the property at all. Because of this, it can be a little more expensive to have the land surveyed than it would be to get an appraisal. Contact a company, like Bush Roed & Hitchings Inc , for more help.