A Garden and Outdoor Patio Go Hand-in-handA Garden and Outdoor Patio Go Hand-in-hand

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A Garden and Outdoor Patio Go Hand-in-hand

I love to garden, and when my family moved into a new home, I was very excited at the thought of getting to plan a brand-new garden! We moved to a completely different climate, so there was a learning curve to finding out which flowers and plants would thrive in the new location. Thankfully, the project was a success, but I realized that our family didn't get to enjoy the beauty of our garden without an outdoor living space to lounge on in the backyard. We soon found a local contractor with amazing ideas on how we could turn out yard into a beautiful, outdoor oasis. I enjoyed helping him plan and watching him build our new backyard patio, and I actually learned a lot during the process. I am eager to share what I have learned with others on my new blog!

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If you're going to have an inground pool built in your yard, there's going to be some rock excavation. In fact, the excavation will occur before any other construction begins. During the excavation project, you'll have some heavy equipment in your yard. It's important that you're prepared for this portion of the project. Here are four steps you can take to avoid problems during the excavation for your new pool. Read More 

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Ideas For Updating Your Old Bathroom

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